Monday, April 20, 2015

New Missionary! Our First Brazilian!

Last week we welcomed a new missionary to the mission! He came off schedule--meaning that he arrived at a time other than during our regular changes--from the MTC in Argentina. And he is from BRAZIL!! Hope he and his companion are finding a good way to communicate.:-)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Interviews Week Two

We took a break from interviews last week while we held mission council, welcomed a new missionary and hosted visitors, but this past week we were back at it and traveling!! Here are some pictures from our fun times with the missionaries on the south side of the mission.

 I bet you can't tell who the companions are.:-)
 All but one had a red tie . . . so he borrowed one.:-)
 Just a little hanging out during a back up.
 And then we decided to practice singing and leading music. We were pretty sure the Tabernacle Choir never sounded better. :-)

And we always like zone leaders with enthusiasm!
Next week we have training meetings--as in we are being trained, and then we will be back on the road again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

First Week of our Last Round!

This past week has been so wonderful and yet so sad for us. We started our last round of interviews. It was wonderful meeting with all the missionaries here in Guadalajara and being able to spend time with each of them, but also super sad knowing this is our last time to hold interviews before we leave in July.

This round I am doing some follow up training on our zone conference in how to teach the commandments in relation to our baptismal covenant. The zone leaders are doing follow up training on using your ward lists, following up on references, contacting all recent converts and being sure they have received the five lessons again and help them prepare and take a name to the temple, and working with less active members, recent converts and investigators to help find new people to teach.

And President Wagner meets with each for their personal interview.

I really like the system we have now. It has taken us a while to work it out but we have learned that follow up is absolutely necessary to help the missionaries actually put into practice all the things they have been taught.

Here are some pictures from this first week:

 I guess these two wanted to have their picture on the blog twice.:-)

We are now ready for week two!

Mission Council

Today we held mission council at the church building. The first hour President Wagner reviewed goals for each zone and discussed several business items (I was with the sisters in another room so I really don't know what they talked about.:-) The second hour I taught the missionaries the song "Scripture Power" in English and in Spanish so they can teach their zones in order to prepare them for zone conferences where we will have a "Sing Off" between the Latins and the Americans--each singing in the language they are learning.

Next we reviewed planning-- using your list, (how to use your lists) working with members, making backup plans, setting goals etc. The zone leaders will teach this to their zones during interviews. Those who already had interviews taught the zone leaders and sister training leaders who have not. All of this was taught at our last zone conference so now we are doing the follow up on it.

The assistants taught the fundamental lesson, "We teach people, not lessons".  This will then be taught by the zone leaders at their zone class. President Wagner ended with a gospel discussion on faith.

Here are some pictures from the meeting:

Our current Sister Training Leaders!

 Zone leaders on the north side of the mission
 Zone leaders and assistants here in town
 Zone leaders on the south side of the mission!
We loved being with them today! What a blessing it is for us to serve with such amazing people!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Welcome to the Mission!!

We welcomed 13 new missionaries this week from five different countries and next Tuesday we will get another new missionary from Brazil! Here they are with their companions. The new missionaries are on the left and their trainers are on the right. We wish them all the very best!